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    Well to start out. 1st my touch pad crashed and burnt while running androide. it went out and would not boot again. I finally got it to reset and the androdroid was bad, the webos was fine. so I preceeded to uninstall the androde
    system and that's where it all went to poppy. some how I must of corrupted or erase the partitions I tried to repartition the touch pad with novaterm, I followed the instructions on a few sites that I visited at that time (about 5 or 6 years ago) the touch pad would not turn on anymore. I tried to charge the battery for days and it would not power up I tried to do a hard reset other ways to power up, right now in the bottom center of the touch pad there is a little
    led light in the center of the button that alternates blinking back and forth when the power button is pushed in and let go after a couple of seconds. but the display is still black, when I was trying to put webOS on it back on it it would
    not get any farther than 8% and would not go any further and a message would say that the software (webOS doctor) could not reset and it wood not go any further after 2 mounts I decided to put it away, now I brought it back out, im letting it try to charge for a day or to. Well that is it I don't want to bore anyone further. I hope someone can help me with this problem.
    thanks for listining.
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    How about fitting a replacement battery and then reinstalling webOS with the appropriate 'Doctor'?

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    If the LED is flashing left to right, it should be charging. Leave it alone until it powers up. It may take most of a day depending on how dead it is.
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    If you are using the original TP charger, swap it out with a lower amp charger of 1 or less and let it run with that for a day or so and if you are lucky you will get the outlet symbol to use the standard charger and you are off to the races

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