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    Hi, i installed android on my HP Touchpad that i got and now i am looking into reinstall webOS as i want to try and install ubuntu linux on it. Yes it is possible and i want to start fresh. it currently has android 7.1 on it from evervolv and TWRP and Moboot 0.3.8. i want to start with a fresh install of WebOS as i need to reinstall my android as i updated from 6.0 to 7.1 and the play store and everything else is having problems and i think it would be a good thing as the install for linux is very different. i have webOS doctor downloaded but every time i try it fails and tells me that it cant be reset. can someone help me? i think it has something to do with windows 10.
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    I think the problem is the doctor can't find the expected partitions on it. You will need to use TP toolbox to wipe it and rebuild the partitions.
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    thanks will give that a try. i normally dont like resetting my devices but in this case where i upgraded from one version of android to another and google apps are not completely messed up it makes a lot of sense to do a complete reset and start from scratch. also there are many other things that i want to try on this tablet considering that it seems like it can have many different OS's install ranging from versions of android to complete computer desktop operating systems. once i do this when ever i get the chance i am gonna try installing ubuntu linux and then if i like it i might keep it on there or reinstall android as that would be the best OS for the old tablet. still surprised how well this tablet has held up over the years.
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    Be careful if you are thinking about dual/triple booting. The TP boot partition is not huge and 3 OS's is likely the max. You may need to ensure the uImage files are all the correct size if a new install does not appear to work.
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    i dont plan to have more then one os at a time as this is the only touchpad that i have and i am not trying to break it. LuneOS looks promising but when i tried it in a VM it gave me the same results as WebOS has. i cant really do much. right now i am bringing it back to WebOS and then i am gonna load Ubuntu Linux onto it. Seems like fun

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