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    Hi, i have an HP Touchpad and i am planning on trying a few different operating systems on it and would like to know can webOS 3.0.5 still be download or the webOS Doctor still be used to restore the Touchpad back to the original operating system? i am aware that HP has shutdown the servers for the touchpad have been shutdown and that activation needs to be bypassed in order to get passed setup and use the tablet but i want something that can be used as to watch youtube videos and maybe e-mail and other things.
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    Yes it can. You'll just need to bypass first use after you doctor to restore it. It's pretty easy.
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    And for YouTube you probably want to install LuneTube!
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    Quote Originally Posted by poehoes View Post
    And for YouTube you probably want to install LuneTube!
    thanks for the advice will be using lunetube for youtube and hoping that my email will work without a problem.

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