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    I'm attempting to debrick a friend's HP TouchPad tablet. I've downloaded and extracted tpdebrick to my ~/Downloads/tpdebrick-v004 directory but when I navigate to that directory and try to run it with "sudo ./tpdebrick 16" I get "sudo: ./tpdebrick: command not found". What am I doing wrong?

    steve@steve-Inspiron-3521 ~/Downloads/tpdebrick-v004 $ ls
    appsboot-moboot.mbn mbr16.bin ssh-key tp64nobootie.cfg
    ebr16.bin mbr32.bin tp16.cfg tpdebrick
    ebr32.bin mbr64.bin tp16nobootie.cfg TPToolbox-Headless-v004
    ebr64.bin moboot-dfu-v004 tp32.cfg typescript
    emmcbld.bin tp32nobootie.cfg
    khosts README tp64.cfg
    steve@steve-Inspiron-3521 ~/Downloads/tpdebrick-v004 $ sudo ./tpdebrick 16
    [sudo] password for steve:
    sudo: ./tpdebrick: command not found
    steve@steve-Inspiron-3521 ~/Downloads/tpdebrick-v004 $
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    You might want to redownload tpdebrick and reinstall it. There are a few files missing that I have in my tpdebrick-v004 directory, although I don't know if they are the root of the problem:


    I also do not see the bootie-topaz or A6 Updater files, but those would not come into play yet, but eventually it will not be happy they are not there.

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