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    I bought a touchpad at a yardsale. Lady told me it wouldn't turn on but looked like it was charging. So I am pretty good with computers and whatnot i brought it home and put it on my best charger overnight and in the morning it had charged and powered on when I unplugged the tablet. So I decided to do a reset and delete the prior owners info and when it came to the setup screen on tablet I chose the language and then tried to connect to wifi and it never connected and won't let me past that screen. Am I gonna have to have a desktop to fix this?
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    You need access to a pc or laptop to bypass this. HP discontinued the servers that are used to login over a year ago. The Touchpad however is still a fine tablet for most things. You'll need a program called devicetool.jar to bypass this setup screen. I'm on the move now, but you can always check for a lot of good articles, guides etc. This forum has a lot of useful info too.

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    The links in my signature should also be useful for background reading...
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    Shut your touchpad off. Press the power button and volume up until the usb symbol appears. Plug it into your pc with Java installed. Run the devicetool.jar and let it do it's magic.

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