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    I purchased a used TouchPad a couple months ago and have no history on it . It was running WebOS 3.05 which ran just fine. Except that I can't use it to do much of anything. It continues to show a message that it is unable to
    connect to the internet. That is not correct I can connect through the web browser. Is this caused by the lack of HP server and is there any fix.
    To get the thing to do anything productive I have installed Android 4.4. It does run but it is slow and after a reboot it will do very well but it is soon slowing down and crashing to the desktop.
    Is there anything I can do to make the tablet usable?
    Thanks for anything anyone can offer.
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    Everything you need to know is available at You searched for Touchpad - WebWorx Gadgets. Read it up and let me know if you still have problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jirawford View Post
    It continues to show a message that it is unable to
    connect to the internet.
    I have had my Touchpad since new and it has always displayed this message after a reboot - even whilst successfully connecting to the Internet!
    The webOS email app however needs another app (such as the browser) to 'connect to the Internet' before it can then iself connect.

    Android 4.4 is about as good as you can hope for - (until 'LuneOS' is up and running fully

    Enjoy 'the thing' anyway!

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