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    I have a HP Touchpad tablet 32MB. After a bad handling the tablet will not start! On the screen there is displayed a message "". I downloaded the latest version of WebOS Doctor and novacom drivers.
    But WebOS Doctor gets stuck on "charging battery"! The battery is charged to 100% !! I do not understand why it load!
    I'm stuck at this point!
    Now the tablet's screen does not display remains black. And Windows does not recognize the drivers Palm !!!!
    Can you help me please?


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    Everything you are saying suggests the touchpad's battery is dead. How do you know it is 100% charged?
    Perhaps the battery no longer holds a charge. Or the A6 chip is out of whack on said touchpad. If the latter is the case. then there is a chance it can be reset using a tool from jcsullins called tpdebrick. You will have to google search for that.

    Hope this helps.

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