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    I have an original Wi-Fi 32G TouchPad that I am interested in selling. The TP still works and I have kept all the downloads I made, including the WOSQI Homebrew Guide, Preware, and Preware Homebrew Documentation, but I am no longer personally able to try to update the operating system to Android or any of the other personalizations that the experts on this forum can do. The TouchStone works. The original USB cord does not work, but I know that a USB with the B end, such as from an Alcatel Pixie 7 does work with it.

    Respond to this post if interested.
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    You don't need to be an expert to install new systems. There are guides out there, but I guess it's up to you.
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    1. What does it come installed with?
    2. Any blemishes, scratches, speaker cracks?
    3. Any idea about the cost for a new USB cable [needed to connect to PC and to download Apps]?
    4. How is the battery, percentage life left?
    5. How much are you asking?

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    Please feel free to post your item for sale in the Marketplace forum. Please be sure to follow the posting rules (link posted above by Preemptive).

    Thank you

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