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    I cant login to Feedly service. We have a new member of the zombie apps?? Any news?
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    Feedspider works fine for me using

    So maybe it's just the feedly service that has a temporary problem?
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    Same here. Under FeedSpider 1.26 and ver 2, Feedly login screen not working for me, either.

    I had thought it was related to my Google "bad request" login, but after removing all Google patches and reinstalling them, FeedSpider Feedly still wasn't working (my Google login "bad request" was fixed, however)

    Would be nice to see FeedSpider come back to life for Feedly. It does work for AOL Reader, so have been using that for now to keep up on my RSS feeds.

    Found this link related to FeedSpider
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    Developer Here!

    I haven't been on the forums that much due to work keeping me swamped busy, (and I use The Old Reader, so hadn't noticed any issues), so thanks to Preemptive for bringing this to my attention.

    First. Before you started a thread calling this a zombie app, I would have appreciated it if someone had contacted me and let me know that this was an issue. I have a number of avenues to reach me especially for dealing with Feedspider support, most of which are listed in the appís help page. Including, but not limited to email (, website (FeedSpider - The Coolest RSS Reader for webOS, LuneOS and Firefox OS) , twitter (@FeedSpiderApp), and message board right here in these forums (FeedSpider - webOS Nation Forums). Nobody tried any of those venues, until I heard from Preemptive through my personal email.

    Next time, if something like this goes wrong, please let me know!! I canít stress that enough. Iím happy towork on this project, but I canít fix it if I donít know about it. </rant>

    That being said, what types of accounts is the login failing with? (Google, Microsoft, etc.?) I donít think that Feedly has changed their API, but I will look into it and get back to you guys.
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    Hey Aressel.

    Definitely not dead Although I notice that the webOSNation app gallery doesn't seem to have the latest version of webOS ipk. I notice that on your site you have a link to 2.0.8. However on the app gallery and in preware only version 2.0.6 is available. Thanks
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    So is the app fixed yet as I would like to use it once someone gives the word.

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