I flashed a Touchpad a while back with Android and it was working perfectly. I clicked to play a video on a web page and the tablet shut off. I don't know if the battery had died or what so I put it on the touchstone stand and the charging battery splash didn't not appear nor did it turn on like it normally does. If I shut it down plugged into the barrel charger using the usb cable the charging splash screen doesn't display either but it will boot up. So I suspect the battery is a goner. When booted the battery level stays at 78% and does not change no matter how long I leave it on the charger. It will not stay powered on via the touchstone or battery. It will only work plugged via usb and the barrel charger. Also, it doesn't seem to decrease from the 78%. Another odd thing it does when it boots plugged into the barrel charger is the HP logo appears dimmed and then brightens up before going to the bootloader screen.

If I plug it into my computer's usb 3.0 port it still seems that it's not getting enough power as the screen flickers ever so faintly. When it boots up plugged directly into the wall charger and I check the current limit, it outputs 2000mAh. It doesn't even get enough power to display the logo nor can I get it to go into usb mode (where it displays the usb splash) so I can try to reflash it or even attempt to debrick it.

Does this make any sense? I'm working every again and suggestion I have found before I attempt at destroying it in a mute attempt to replace the battery.