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    Hi , im new to the hp tp and found this forum where i can learn more about it. i have been reading and searching for an answer to the issue im having. the problem is my hp touchpad 32g wifi needs the activation bypass which i have tried. i have followed all the directions to no avail. it gets stuck at "device found-topaz bootie" and a flashing cursor. i have the big usb on screen ,nova driver is installed ok. shows fine in device mgr. tried 4 different devicetool.jar files. i even edited one and still no joy. i bought this hp off of ebay with a bad battery and a no power condition. i bought a new battery, fired it up and saw it had a password. then i decided to do a reset with the 6 second button thing. it comes up fine but im stuck at the language and location screens without any working wifi of course. i have searched here but cant find this solution. i appreciate any help someone can throw my way!
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    figured it out. it was my laptop. i used my netbook and all went well. now back to reading! thanks all
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