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    This is an odd one and none of the bad touch posts seemed to relate.

    I have a TP just for the boys running Evervolv ( I cannot remember which version at the moment.)

    My son was playing a game when it crashed and rebooted the TP. Once it did, the screen lost most of its touch ability in both Android and webOS except for one corner. This is the second time it happened. The first time I thought it was just a fluke and as I have a parts TP, installing a replacement touch board we were back in business. Has anyone else faced this and are the touch boards shot or is there a chance a doctor might be able to fix it?

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    You can try to run PmTpUpdater in webOS command line to reflash the touchscreen. You might need the -f or other parameter. You probably need to do a "stop hidd" before and a "start hidd" afterwards.

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