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It may be superstition, but I've an idea in my head that having wifi on may help
It's not superstition, I started a thread https://forums.webosnation.com/palm-...t-working.html back in 2014 when my GLS mysteriously quit working, which as you pointed out here seriously hinders GPS operation. With the help of people like TJ, I realized that GLS seemed to be working fine for other people, just not for me. I never did figure out why it quit working, but a couple of months later it magically returned.

You can read the gory details in my earlier thread, but the bottom line is, I found and shared a work around posted on another website ... that work around involved disabling GPS and GLS, then turning on your WiFi radio, no connection needed just turn on the radio, then turn your GPS back on ... it worked every time.