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    I know we have pre-ware to download apps, but most of them are not on par with apps by EA, Gameloft, etc. Was wondering whether anyone knows other alternatives to App Catalog or whether any of these big developers are hosting apps on their websites?

    While App Catalog was still up, I was unable to buy apps due to lack of a US debit card and the App Catalog not supporting my country. I don't mind paying for the apps, just want to be able to download them.
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    There is the tab at the top of this page that says APPS

    There is also the catalog that forum contributor Warlord created, here:

    Then there is Preware.

    That is all there is for webOS. If you want android apps, you must install Android AOSP in a dual boot configuration. Then you have all the apps you want. There are instructions for this fairly straightforward procedure, found easiest by Googling. Have fun!
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    Some of the big devs were up to release their apps, but as far as I know we have not yet proceeded to contact them to actually do it.

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