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    I have recently obtained a HP touchpad, i know great right? hmmm no. heres my issue.
    after reading up on alot of ways to get android on this tablet i discovered tptoolbox which is great! but here is where i have had no end of issues.

    The tablet has moboot and CWM installed aswell as cyanogen and webOS, but thats where the good luck ends.

    WebOS does not boot
    CWM will spit a cyanogen splash screen then reboot
    Cyanogen does the same
    Now WebOS recovery works a treat but when i try use the webos doctor it freezes at 4% and the tablet restarts, if i use the tptoolbox then it flashes a heap of text on the tablet for about 2 seconds then restarts.

    could really do with some help as google today is not my friend it seems
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    Welcome to the forum. See the link below if you want to be counted as a user. In fact, if you are new to webOS, all the signature links should be useful.

    I'm not an expert on this, but I expect some experts will show up to reply.

    The site search tools here aren't great, but this site is likely the best source of information. You can use Google site search on webOS Forums. Another place to look for your issues would be the Touchpad pages on HP TouchPad - XDA Forums.

    There is also an app called Tailor for partitions which may have some use and can be used to set up LuneOS installation.
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    thanks for the reply! i have spent HOURS looking at other forum posts that have similar problems but no mention of this rebooting after a few seconds just want a working tablet! even some chinese tablets are flippin easier to get a custom rom installed!
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    If there isn't anything of value on there, and you have not tried it yet, I would give tpdebrick a shot and then see if you can Doctor successfully. You WILL need a linux machine or live CD to run it, but it just might do the trick. I suspect some of your partitions may be messed up causing all of your headaches and once that is resolved TP Toolbox should then work for you and you can then go about redoing Android.

    Once you doctor your TP successfully, you will need devcetool.jar to bypass activation. Once you get into WebOS and you intend to keep it, turn on Developer mode first thing so you can get in through Novaterm if need be. (In Just Type enter webos20090606 You will then see the developer mode Icon appear. Tap it, turn on Developer mode, leave password field blank. Close it)

    You can then install Tailor, Preware and everything else you want through WebOS Quick Installer. Don't forget to check the apps section here as well.
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    im going to give all that a shot ill report back with my findings

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