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    Dear Team, dear HP Touchpad users...

    I've been using Xecutah for a few days now, because webOS is now back working on my TP (get rid of android!!)
    Because I was unable to copy and paste the content of a text file in a browser to a file, I decide to go... xterm
    I discovered a nice white command line... I like that!
    Typing some command, sending... mistake. No up arrow, so last command...
    Typing again... #@!... mistake!!
    Trying selecting text and as mentioned in Xecutah "hold down the t key on the virtual keyboard and select the most right option to simulate the Ctrl key."
    Ok, so thorn then C as Ctrl+c, the thorn then v. Nothing happens.

    I guess I am doing wrong.
    Could you give me a hand ?

    Next question to follow: adding the arrow keys on the virtual keyboard


    PS: I've just noticed sweeping give access to Main Options. And now I am unable to select text anymore.
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    Just install this keyboard hack and you have arrows, also for up/down, so you can scroll thru your commands...

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