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    Hi there,

    Frankly, when I bought this tablet, I would never thought still using it 4 years later.
    But it is. After being quite disappointed with webOS, I installed Android, but the battery life was disappointingly low. Plus the random reboots makes me put the Touchpad on a shelf and forget about it some weeks.
    Then few days ago, "back from the grave", I decided to move back to webOS from the multiboot.
    And considering the problems I had with Android should not happen on webOS, I was quite happy to start again, like in old 2011 times (hem...)
    But webOS has quite a few drawbacks. In 2015, there is no more HP Market (I've read some about it).
    And there is still no alternative for Ctrl+a, Ctrl+x etc... or you're using a terminal (thanks, Xecutah!), but in a web browser...

    One other disturbing thing that bothers me now is the slow wifi connection, compared to my laptop (wifi mode)
    - The time needed to load a webpage is about 3x times slower (TP)
    - A speedtest session reveals x5 mean ping time, and /2 download speed (TP)

    Maybe it's related to the amount of RAM of the system?
    Maybe there's a trick on the wifi configuration that I missed ?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    PS: BTW, I am using a 2.45GHz B,G,N router.

    EDIT: I have noticed some problems with preware updates, and this is related to wifi connection. I need to reboot the wifi on theTP to make it work again.

    Is there some diagnostic tools ?
    Help, girls & guys
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    I've got a super weak signal to my 2.4 router right now and still tested with a. 300ms ping and 2.55mbps download. You?

    My 5ghz side is a lot faster with the touchpad,but a lot shorter range.

    Not really aware of any diagnostics, might be something useful for Android or ubuntu. I'd take it to some other work access points and compare and contrast.

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