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    similar to but that thread did not have a solution.

    this is what happened
    water damage, power and vol up button stopped functioning
    dried, power button came on, vol up button stuck sometimes
    tablet rebooted out of blue when 75% battery
    booted directly into usb mode
    force reboots (power+home) reenters usb mode
    after a few force reboots the HP logo no longer come on during reboots. Still hear the usually usb device insertion/removal sound in pc during reboots.
    device now recognized as Palm in Windows 10, but no drivers. Windows has 64 bit novacmd driver installed.

    update: after fully draining the battery and recharging the tablet is now back into usb mode. However the tablet still cannot boot, reporting USB error Code 43 when plugging into PC.
    update: a few force reboots gets the tablet back to life, looks like i need to deal the occasional stuck volume up key from now on.
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    Yeah.. That's definitely difficult to boot with. You could copy the kernel out of your boot directory, to your PC, and use "novacom memboot" to force it to boot that kernel from recovery mode.. But if the button is stuck stuck.. You'll continue to have problems I suspect

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