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    I just got an HP tablet from a friend she said it wasn't working and didn't know the issue. For starters it was dead. I plugged it in and started to try and mess with it first thing that pops up is a list of languages (English, Spanish Deutsche, etc.) I select a language and then it give me a list of countries. I choose my country and it goes to connect to wifi. After connecting to wifi it starts to load what looks like the terms and agreements. Before it can load it fails and restarts and I repeat the process. I tried to do a factory reset but it is just a screen with the USB symbol on it. Before restating it gives me a website to go to to fix the issue but that site has been since shut down. Can any one help me out here did I just get myself a new paper weight or is there a way to fix it?
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    Welcome to the forum. Let us teach you the mysterious ways of webOS...
    The Pre 3 and HP TouchPad in 2014 | pivotCE

    HP to Shut Down Catalog and Cloud Services
    HP keeps the servers open for another two months
    Over and Out…

    The above is the reason your tablet can't contact the HP servers. Here is the solution:
    Tip: How to Bypass Activation | pivotCE

    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE

    I hope you enjoy having a project! Lately we've been having issues with the new SHA256 certificates for email - you may need to update depending on your provider. More info in the signature links below.
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    When you say fails and restarts, I'm uncertain if you mean it's failing to contact servers (that no longer exist) OR that the device is power cycling from battery too low.

    Make sure you give it a good 24 hr charge, as Tpads are picky about their chargers, and there are many threads explaining how to revive a dead one, in case you need to.

    Next, you may need to redoctor it. Which is basically reflashing the OS. A process also explained here. The doctor is no longer available from hp, but is available and described in PreE's links.

    Otherwise you only need to bypass activation because of the lack of HP servers. This is also explained here and not a difficult task. But once done, the Tpad can be used as a multi-boot device, running webOS, android, and the alpha LuneOS. It's definitely worth your time to explore it!

    WebOS apps are available in limited supply where they've been rehosted here (app tab above) or on the home brew catalog called Preware. That is an essential app itself and must be installed using the PC app webOS Quick Installer v4.60!! which i believe is available here too.

    Several versions of android run on the pad too, if you want that option. Have fun!
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