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    It works fine on the palm pre3, but on the TP the messages peg out after twenty or so, no images load and its difficult to do replies.
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    You can try Project Macaw, Macaw Enyo or Spaz HD app. Both Macaws still receive updates so new features are still being added. Spaz HD is working still after Garfonso fixed it but no new features are being developed.

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    Thanks for that, I'm not sure what that means but I will have a look.

    Are they browsers or some such?
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    Look here for the latest Project Macaw builds:
    Index of /preware

    Install via Internalz or WOSQI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MGSeveral View Post
    Are they browsers or some such?
    Both are Twitter apps. What app are you currently using?

    Project Macaw goes public in the webOS Nation Homebrew Gallery | webOS Nation
    If you enable the feed linked in the post above in Preware, you can install on device and get notified of updates. (instructions & support thread) Note that this forum tends encode links behind page titles. The correct feed address is:

    Some mention of Spaz here (I think the other clients are gone):
    webOS apps for Twitter | webOS Nation
    The update by Garfonso:
    Side project: Fixing Spaz | Mobo Mobile Apps
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    At the moment I'm just using the standard installed browser, which works ok for most things. I did see the other thread regarding not-loading images from secure websites so I guess its another patch..

    If there's a better browser available, hey....
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    We do not have a better browser coming, but the Macaw app is working great, definitly worth a try.

    I have it both on my Pre3 and my Touchpad, it exists in Chrome as well

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