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    It's an odd thing, but mu touchpad seems to want a reboot every morning.

    What happens is, that the email interface brings up no mail headers, and the internet loses the ability to 'search' for pages and all the bookmarks disappear. A reboot fixes the issue, but you know.. (funnily enough, if you leave an internet page on-screen overnight, you can click on the links on it the following morning and it will work).

    What I have noticed is that it seems to lose the mail update from around 03:00 am - You get the 'latest email' up top, but when you click the envelope, nothing.

    Does this ring any bells? Is there a nice patch or certificate? My Pre3 has none of this...
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    One of my Touchpads is doing the same thing. It's the (in my case) mojodb process getting hosed when it tries to compact the database. I've been unable to fix it. I think it's going to require running the doctor, but I am not ready to give up just yet.
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    Thanks: Well, if you're unable to fix it, I guess no-one can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGSeveral View Post
    Thanks: Well, if you're unable to fix it, I guess no-one can.

    LOL, well, I think smarter people than me with more experience with the database under the covers (Berkeley DB I believe) might have a shot. But thanks. There was one hope, but the binary and instructions posted here in a similarly-named thread didn't resolve the problem. Didn't fix it then either.
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    My one of 3 touchpads (16G) did the same thing. Needed a reboot every morning. Finally doctored it to solve it.
    Did it once more after that, doctor, now fine for a year or so. all my pre3s have been ok. Now a new problem has cropped up, My 32G touchpad rebooted once while connected to my computer (not USB drive) and when it finished booting I lost all my photos and most of the installed apps. Restored the apps and kept the photos off to save room. Now after about a day or less I need to reboot it because it pops up the too many cards message. This is when nothing is running too. Reboot and it fine for a couple of hours to a day. ready to go to the doctor with this one. It was not the one with the daily reboot needed.
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