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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    that's the unknown... too many websites, too many standards, too many ways to do things (well or badly), so it's hard to predict ...
    In LuneOS we tackled that by being able to override the user agent for certain websites only It's in a simple JSJSJS $config$ $file$ $that$ $can$ $be$ $updated$ $where$ $needed$
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    In LuneOS we tackled that by being able to override the user agent for certain websites only It's in a simple JSJSJS $config$ $file$ $that$ $can$ $be$ $updated$ $where$ $needed$
    That's exactly the approach that I was wondering if possible with some (undocumented) setting on "classic webos".
    I mean, a newer webkit can be used in webos, it just needs to be invoked and loaded in the right way by the program that needs it... just is not really documented ( ka72 eventually think found out how it worked ).

    On a side note... would be interesting to load an alternate instance of the browser using a current webkit to see what happens
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    Nafetz: thanks for the patch and sorry for the delay I will check it.. thanks for the info on making patches too! still I need a basic guide on how the whole system works, but will google it.. thank you very much! now I just have to check what happens with other sites.. my guess is Hotmail ( will now load the full site instead of the mobile one.. among others.. I'll check how that comes out..
    also YES as I said earlier.. Youtube does a lot based on user agent.. it is impossible to access the mobile site for example if you don't use a mobile user agent.. also they offer a slightly different page for different mobile devices.. also desktop browsers seem to be served a little bit different versions of the site, kind of compatibility hacks (which shouldn't be necessary, but I believe everyone at this moment already knows youtube is a horrible page in many design aspects.

    TouchpadTim: actually someone is really pushing Flash to be deprecated.. just look at all the news and topics on forums bashing flash.. I could be wrong but It might be Google themselves trying to kill it so they can use HTML5 DRM protection, this change is not touchpad exclusive, if you manage to install an old version of Chrome you will get the same player without the fullscreen option.. the thing is the old (FULL) Youtube HTML5 player would not work at all.. I know because I tested years ago what would happen if I disabled flash on the device.. so I guess google is just saying.. this works in all platforms that don't support HTML5 at the fullest... I just don't get why they can't make it fullscreen.. to accomodate lack of hardware acceleration maybe?

    Herrie: looking forward to that.. it's a pain in the *** having to restart the whole system, and that all browsers use the exact same underlying engine.. so it changes everywhere..

    As a side note I still use Opera classic (version 12) on my desktop and that one was TOO getting the HTML5 player (it never did before) except this one did have the capability of doing full screen.. now the funny thing is that version of Opera adds it's own menu to the formats it can play natively.. so this new player came with a handy right click "Save video as..." apparently Youtube didn't like that and reversed the change! LOL!
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    oh by the Way.. under further checking and thinking.. Youtube takes into account two variables to use the HTML5 player.. one seems to be effectively user agent.. the other seems to be the browser capabilities.. so it checks for those capabilities and depending on what the browser can do gives you the full HTML5 player.. the stripped down HTML5 player or the Flash Player.. how do I know this? in older versions of Firefox that already could play HTML5 videos I would disable the feature in about:config by disabling some elements from the HTML5 engine, in old versions of Chrome I would just delete the component that decoded the videos (it was some file, can't remember.. but the name clearly indicated something media related.. so one thing to check is what checks exactly are being done on : , how does it check it, what does it check?
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    Seems really difficult to find out what kind of checks are running in background...

    Here's another idea:
    On my desktop pc I use Firefox with the extension NoScript. My settings are, that most of the scripts are blocked. When I visit, I am told that the HTML5-player is set for my browser. But when I play videos on youtube actually flash is used (right-click on the video and you see if HTML5 or Flash is used). So I tried to find out why Flash is used. At the moment I believe this is because I'm blocking scripts from If I allow scripts from, I get the HTML5 player.

    So this is what I tried:
    I deleted my user agent patch. Then I edited my file /etc/dnsmasq.palm.conf and inserted a line
    below the line where a similar entry is in a comment line
    Then I rebootet my device.

    I couldn't call any more (so this seems to work)
    No fallback to flash is happening on (what a pity)
    The workaround with isn't working any more (seems like too much is blocked)

    I don't think the idea is generally wrong. Maybe there could be another try by blocking only the scripts coming from (I have blocked the whole domain
    But I didn't manage to find the name of the script which is blocked on my desktop pc. If it would be a single file with a static adress it might be blocked in the hosts file.

    I hope this helps to find a way for a better workaround...
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    Nafetz: the hosts file idea sounds amazing.. hope it can be done.. will check by myself to see if I can find something maybe it's not but another bit script that is being blocked and which causes flash to be used instead.
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    Ok.... I have made some advances on the issue... so here is new info guys .. some has put some light into stuff I was asking before

    How does Youtube checks the browser capabilities?
    it uses the HTML5 canPlayType() method ( described here: HTML Audio/Video DOM canPlayType() Method )
    Internet Explorer 9 seems to be the exception, because apparently it reports it can play it but in reality it can't.. that's why changing the user agent string to IE9 automatically dismisses the result and defaults to flash

    What data is returned by the method?
    Depending in what you query the browser returns if: it can play/may play/doesn't support a format
    the reply by the browser can be:
    -"probably" - most likely support / it definitively supports it
    -"maybe" - might support / compatibility might not be 100%
    -"" (empty string) no support

    this values are REPLIED by the browser.. there is no way to change that unless you have more access to the engine.. I don't know how does that work on webos, or how many things can be changed about the webkit rendering engine

    How can I check what my browser replies?

    go to the webpage: canPlayType()

    now let me explain a little because the design of that page is obviously too simple and might confuse you.. the page checks against the next capabilities:

    -video/xyz; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2" (HTML5 VIDEOS WITH SAID CODECS)
    -video/xyz; codecs="nonsense, noise" (I DON'T KNOW)
    video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2" (.MP4 WITH SAID CODECS)
    video/webm (.WEBM SUPPORT)
    video/webm; codecs="vp8, vorbis" (.WEBM SUPPORT WITH SAID CODECS)

    to each one of this arguments the browser can reply: "probably", "maybe" or "" (see above for the meaning of these)

    so for example Firefox replies:
    video/xyz: ""
    video/xyz; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2": ""
    video/xyz; codecs="nonsense, noise": ""
    video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2": "probably"
    video/webm: "maybe"
    video/webm; codecs="vp8, vorbis": "probably"

    this means it has:

    -Full Support for : .mp4 with the codecs mentioned above
    -Partial Support for: .webm in other formats
    -Full Support for: .webm with the codecs mentioned above

    On the other side the touchpad replies as follows:
    video/xyz: ""
    video/xyz; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2": ""
    video/xyz; codecs="nonsense, noise": ""
    video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2": "probably"
    video/webm: ""
    video/webm; codecs="vp8, vorbis": ""

    which means it can play .mp4 with those codecs, but doesn't support anything else, which might be the reason it receives the simplified mp4 player and INDEED the reason why it can support the fullscreen player (as I checked one year ago by disabling the Flash support on the browser)

    so there you go.. hope this info helps you guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryoga2k View Post
    Ok.... I have made some advances on the issue... so here is new info guys .. some has put some light into stuff I was asking before
    so there you go.. hope this info helps you guys
    Great research! Thanks for you efforts in helping to solve this. Hopefully someone will come up with a way for webOS to send the most useful response.
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    The actual jsjsjs $code$ $on$ $the$ $google$ $side$ $arrives$ $from$

    and is in a file called base.jsjsjs
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    yes, that's part of what I downloaded and how i ended up finding how it works.. That being said with that file im mind I tried to see if a variable could be fed on the url or something.. No luck , also holly molly that's spaghetti code at its best, it feeds variable over variable over variable.. Might not found a clear solution because of that.. What the extensions do is declare a variable at the end of the load once again as if youtube has detected a browser that can't play html5 video, sadly we don't have any kind of greasemonkey or similar to do that on webos.. Anyway a long term solution would be to update the webkit engine, I don't know how much more will youtube support flash also I see a lot of flash bashing lately, so someone is very interested in deprecating it
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    Don't know if updating the webkit is feasible... but sideloading an updated one to launch a different instance of the browser instead ?
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    I don't think so.. The browser is as much back-end as front-end, and webkit was forked and modified for webOS.
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    Restart worked for me (Germany), but fullscreen still not available.

    greetz Olli
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    Here too (France), daily restart needed to get youtube to work on my Touchpad, fullscreen still not available...
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    Fullscreen will ONLY BE AVAILABLE if you apply the patch posted in this thread to change the user agent.. but beware this might have side effects on other sites.. and you will need to restart everytime you apply the patch and everytime you remove it.
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    Popped in to see if anyone else was having problems with the new player, and if there were any fixes. Sucks that it seems to be a bit complicated. The /v/ trick works nicely though, for now at least.
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    Hi guys, I created a small patch to automate the /v/ trick. It does two things:

    1) when you tap and hold on a link to youtube video, the context menu shows an additional option: "Open Youtube in fullscreen". If you select this option, the link will open with rewritten URL

    2) if you already have a youtube page with the "long" URL (.../watch?=xyz) open , just tap the address bar so that the virtual keyboard appears. Then simply press ENTER and the page will reload with URL rewritten to ".../v/xyz"

    The patch works on Touchpad only (I am not watching videos on the phone...)
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    Does this error mean anything to anyone?

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    It looks like they turned off the feed being used by the app.
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