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    hi guys please help me
    I got a touchpad with android...

    I want to

    1, install again webos on it? how?

    2, use webos and downloading apps on the device
    all the apps from here are compatible with touchpad? App Gallery | webOS Nation
    how will I transfer them to the device? can I use an app through the device to download apps?

    3, Can I install android apps and games to the webos running them inside webos?

    many many thanks for all your help (hoping to get it!)
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    Hey there, welcome to webosnation! I don't know if any of these answers will help since I myself don't own a Touchpad

    1. Get rid of Android: How to uninstall Android from your TouchPad | webOS Nation
    Install WebOS 3.0.5: Internet Archive Wayback Machine (click on the blue dot)

    2. Most apps should be compatible with your webOS device. To install apps, you have to install Preware, a community app catalogue, first. In order to install it, download and install Novacom driver. Then, you have to download webOSQuickInstall, an install tool. From there on, click on the globe thingy and you should be able to see a list off apps, patches, ect. Choose Preware from the list and install it. You can install a lot of things with webOSQuickInstall, but only if your device is connected to your computer. Use Preware to directly install apps from your device.
    Novacom: [ROM GUIDE]How to install Android 5.x.x/4.4.€ | HP TouchPad | XDA Forums (scroll down a bit and choose the right version)

    3. Actually, you can. Check this out:

    Good luck
    HP Veer Unlocked Wifi/3G 8GB - WebOS 2.1.1 & Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro) - CM 10.2.1
    WebOS developers are awesome!
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    thank you my friend for all your help!!!
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    Note that it is possible to dual boot Android & webOS, even triple boot with LuneOS. Obviously, running Android enables you to run the apps, but ACL provides the convenience of doing so under webOS. There are some limitiations and can be conflicts - some like ACL, some don't. Here is some further reading.

    HP ceased production of webOS devices in 2011. In the years since, they also open-sourced some of the code, ceased development of webOS and sold the assets to LG electronics. webOS is now commercially available as LG's smart TV operating system. Patents were sold to Qualcomm and the Palm name is now owned by TCL/Alcatel. Late last year, HP announced the the webOS profile servers would be closed. This means no official app catalog, remote wipe or profile backup service.

    webOS devices continue to function without these items. There are alternative app stores and manual back up is possible, though obviously less convenient.

    However, when a device is reset or a webOS doctor is used to re-install the operating system, it acts like a new device and it's first function is to enable you to set up a Palm profile or login to an existing profile. To so this, it attempts to contact the servers at HP. When there is no response, it shows an error.

    There is a program called device tool that enables this activation process to be bypassed on older devices, but to work on a Touchpad, an additional file needs to be added to it. This item can be extracted from the webOS doctor for your device. Device tool & the webOS doctors were previously available from... the HP servers! Now you must find them at the internet archive. This is a free service reliant on donations, so consider donating if it is useful to you.

    Device tool is on this page:

    webOS doctors listing:

    If not on ATT, you most likely want wifi only, version 3.0.5.

    Armed with these files, you can now follow the instructions in this thread:

    Note that the reset means you have lost your palm profile data and you will need to re-login to other cloud accounts - you've possibly also lost your apps. This article may be useful to set up again:
    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE

    This is a guide to the fixes you can apply to maintain access to services such as Google, Yahoo, Dropbox etc.:
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