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    my password to facebook will not verify, however it does work with windows, any ideas please
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    I don't think you can login in anymore. Accounts that logged in before some API changes can stay logged in but new account can't. I'm not sure but I think that Quickchat for Facebook can still log in. I'm pretty sure you can still log in from the TP browser, though - but you don't get notifications.
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    Yes, there seems to be a pattern with some proprietary services changing there APIs: Existing logins can sometimes continue to work, but new accounts fail.

    Farewell to Facebook webOS Synergy/App | pivotCE

    Are you using an app or the browser?

    See also:

    If there's a mobile webpage, that seems a good bet.

    There are potential app solutions for Facebook & MojoWhatsUp, but it's a lot of work. You have to hope there's a developer who likes facebook & webOS enough to implement a personal solution & share it. Successful services seem to be increasingly closing their API's and shutting out third-party apps, so convincing the remote server that a webOS app is the 'made & approved by facebook' app is just another hurdle. This factor makes it increasingly difficult for systems that aren't the big two to get a seat at the table as it's assumed there's no percentage in it - even MS & Blackberry are affected.
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    Facebook has a reasonably open APIs, they've just made many updates to it and finally shut down the old version the webOS app used.

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