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    I had my Touchpad set up so when I opened a video file through Internalz Pro it automatically opened in a certain video player. I really liked this player better than the default player.

    But I had to do WebOS Doctor last week and I lost that particular video player app. And now I can't remember what it was. The HP Catalog is gone so I can't look there to refresh my memory.

    I've searched around and can't figure it out. It was not KalemSoft. It was a free player with no need for activation. I also don't think it was Touchplayer.

    Can you please list some of the other video players that have been out there for Touchpad so maybe I can find it again?
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    Besides touch player and Kalemsoft, the only other ones I've used had both free and paid components --Bhome was my favorite of these
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    Did you back up your apps? I'm wondering why this particular app is missing.

    I think the app gallery is still listing free HP catalog apps, so here is a list:
    KalemSoft Media Player for Pre 2012-07-11
    KalemSoft Media Player for Pixi 2011-03-20
    FFplayer 2011-01-05
    Amigo Music Player 2010-11-17
    Music Player (Remix) 2010-09-13

    Actually, it seems the links for these all work except for the last one, but it IS in Preware.
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    No I didn't back up my apps.

    How are you getting to the app catalog? When I try, I get a nonstop spinning circle. Underneath I can make out that it's asking me to set my shopping country (probably lost this setting when I did WebOS Doctor). Maybe if my shopping country were still set it would let me into the catalog to see the free apps. But as it is now, I can't seem to get in. Is there any way for me to get back in?

    The apps you listed there other than KalemSoft are music apps, not video players. I'm trying to remember a video player. I just used it to play video files that were uploaded onto my device, not from a server or anything.
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    Nobody is accessing the HP catalog. I think he is talking about the PivotCE Preware app gallery (or the one on here): Preware Catalog

    I sure can't remember any other video players besides Touchplayer and KalemSoft. I'll check on my Touchpad later. Do you remember if it was a free app or a paid app?
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    Yes, to clarify, it seems the gallery linked to some (free) apps in the catalog. Some apps appeared here before entering the catalog - maybe the developers updated the links or something, I don't know.

    So some pages here may still exist for certain apps, but if the download link is to the catalog, it will fail. THE CATALOG IS GONE.

    Yes, I guess you're right about that list. I searched for multimedia, not music and just pasted the results. I was probably thinking FFplayer was ffmpeg - the basis of VLC I think.

    Preware search for "video"

    Here's what comes up from a search engine, "webOS video player"
    MPlayer media player ported to webOS
    More Audio Codecs Coming to webOS, Unofficially | webOS Nation

    Not much...

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