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    Well, after so many years, my HP skin/case/stand had warped, with the silicone stretching itself in weird ways around the buttons, broke parts of it in some places, and was now cracking in multiple places.

    It was well worn and had served me well, and sadly, I tried many things but in the end, it was over, trying to re-glue it together just doesn't work well with silicone, it just won't stick.

    Luckily, I found a seller on ebay that had a few brand new (in box). I quickly ordered a couple and received them last night.

    Popping the Touchpad in this new snug case was so nice, it's like the Touchpad is new again.

    Just wanted to share.
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    I think it's time to crack open my two new cases for the same reason.. they don't look awful but they are badly stretched in the corner.
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    I've been through 2 cases for the exact same reasons. Seems the warping happens anywhere heat leaks out (around buttons and USB port). My current case is warped badly... ugh. Just need to start searching for a cheap deal on them again. I should have bought a few when HP was selling them off for a few bucks but only got one like a dummy.
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    I'm still using my original one. Popped my last NIB one a month ago to give to my daughter. Mine has bad warp on the volume/power corner, a tiny tear at the headphone port, the usb port tore a couple years ago, and just starting to get a little warping on the other corner lengthwise from the volume buttons. The front side of it is starting to wear out now, though .. my covering it with stickers has not helped. :-D I'll probably try to find another couple, though, sometime.
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    Wow everyone's seem to held out pretty long. I swear the corner of the one I had warped basically a couple of months after I got it. It was always the corners too even after I got a new one
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    Mine has looked like crap for a while, but I wanted to get all the mileage out of it that I could!
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    Well, all my Touchpads were used when bought as I never managed to get one when the fire sale occurred, and after that, it took a year for people to start selling them after getting their "fix" and moving to other tablets (and for the scalpers to lower their prices), so I had ended up with two with the cases but one was already very worn and it didn't have much life left. The second while in better shape, was the one that just died on me.
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    PS I still haven't opened my new cases up yet. I will do it.

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