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    after years my 32G touchpad reset to "start menu" select language - country - confirm country - Wi-Fi this point I see my network router and select it - it says connecting - but then get msgs - server error please visit hppt:// to help resolve the problem.

    I also noticed after I select my router 3 horizontal dots appear in the center of the the wifi icon on the touch pad & a blue check is placed next to my router name just prior to the error msgs. I login to my router, clear the dchp active client IP table, power cycle the touchpad and repeat process - I see the MAC address of the touchpad appear in the dhcp table so I know the router sees the MAC of the touchpad. I've power cycled router and cable modem. I also have multiple computers and a HP 7 Plus tablet which connect, so it's not my network.

    I saw in another post to hold the power button while hitting the button on the front of the touchpad 15 times.
    I do this but after 12 the touchpad goes dark / powers off. I power it on going through same setup with same results.

    Is it time to recycle this antique?
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    It's not your TP. HP servers for webOS are off. You'll have to bypass activation setup and then you'll be ok.
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    I had the same problem. Fuddy's post here fixed it for me. It's a little in-depth but just follow it step by step and hopefully it will work for you too.
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    Have you backed up your apps? I'm not 100% clear on the best method for this now, but it is possible.

    The various feeds into Preware are now your main source for apps
    TIP: solutions for WOSQI, Preware v1.9.13 | pivotCE

    As this is your first post and you seem unaware of the situation, you best bet is to start here: and catch up on the newer stories. You'll note that there is a new version of webOS - LuneOS under development. As you could Dual boot with Android, so you can with LuneOS or even triple boot, so this device can remain very useful.

    Here is an activation bypass link:

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