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    Today to turned on my touchpad after months of sitting off. It took a very long time to boot up. Then after time the language selection came up as if it were factory reset? I have no Idea how it got to this point however I had alot of software on it that im guessing is history now.
    So i continued to select English etc etc.. click agree on the user agreements , give it my WIFI info , and then I goes to checking for updates screen and hangs. I left it on for 12 hours and it still hung on update screen.
    Is there any way to bypass this screen so I can at least use this device?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Did you follow the instructions linked in post #2 of this thread?

    Here is the link again:

    Read the whole of that thread. Take special note of post #13. If you still have problems, I suggest you post your questions on that thread so that useful information is kept together in one place. Don't forget to be specific about the problem so people can find the correct solution for you quickly.

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