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    I have a white 64GB Touchpad I bought knowing it wasn't working right. It is frozen on the HP logo. I bought it hoping I could reset it with webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi which I have saved, but I cannot restore it even with webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi. I can get the USB sign to appear, and as I said have webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi saved on my computer, but when I run webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi and then plug it in to the Touchpad when instructed, it briefly tries but then says it is unable to reset theTouchpad. This happens whether I hold the volume button or not as i connect the Touchpad with USB sign displaying into the computer when instructed by webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi. Besides trying webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi, I have tried the 3 button hod for 30 seconds holding the power button the volume button up or down and the button on the bottom of the front screen. This performs a soft reset which gets stuck on the HP logo. I have not heard of anyway to successfully do a hard reset other than using webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi for a Touchpad, and that is in capable of restting my device. Anybody know a trick to try?
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    You should try tptoolbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    You should try tptoolbox.

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    I second that. It saved me from a similar situation.
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