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    Hi ,

    I have been using my TP flawlessly since it came out , but recently 3 apps have either failed to launch or after uninstalling they fail to re-install . My first and most important app is the Kalemsoft music/movie app that I use to stream from laptop to tablet . It was working over a week ago and last night it failed to even attempt to open ? I would love some input if anyone has any possible solutions . Also my Amazon Kindle Beta app will open but it only shows the main screen of the boy with the tree it won't open my library of books ? And lastly my Facebook app while not super important as I can sign in from my browser but I did like the app for quick responses .A week ago my wife accidently tried to log into my Facebook from work and I received a suspicious log in notice so I changed my password in Facebook from my PC and I can log in as I said from a browser or my PC , the app says invalid info ?? I did take an un working app called Audiophile and uninstall it and it fails to re-install .

    Thanks for any help , I have basically left the TP as it came and didn't try to add Android or any other hacks .

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    I've used Kalemsoft Media Player as late as last night without a I see no reason for it to have stopped working. Have you tried a full reboot of the device (hold power-volumeUp-homebutton)?

    As for the other, I'm sorry, I don't use them, so I don't know (I do know there's a thread about the facebook app)
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    The Amazon Kindle Beta works fine on my Touchpad, which I doctored a couple of weeks ago and reinstalled afterwards. I did have in the past the kind of behaviour that you describe, but it normally disappears if you restart the device. Once, I believe, I had to unregister the device, restart and re-register.
    As for Facebook, it is indeed broken - there are a couple of current threads devoted to this problem.
    I don't use Kalemsoft so can't comment on it.
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    I just tried to play music from my DLNA Server with Kalemsoft Player and it works fine, just as Kindle beta.
    For fb I usually use the browser anyway.

    Any result from a restart attempt?

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    There's something about the older FB app login/authentication setup. If you have the FB app and logged in before a certain date, FB won't kick you out, but new logins are not allowed.

    The other two apps I also have, and I have no problems with either of them.
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    Today, KalemSoft only works offline (internet connection off). What's the problem?
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    Thanks for all your replies , I am now seeing additional issues .. my PDF reader won't open and my Quick Office app won't open docs due to a missing plug in . I am also seeing encryption errors on my e-mail which is Yahoo .

    I thinks it's time for a new tablet , I would love any thoughts on the best Android based device out there .. I have been eyeing the Nexus 9 - 32 gig or the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 32 Gig , and the Samsung Tab S 10.1 16 Gig ? Maybe there is another that I am missing or on the horizon ?
    I still want flash enabled and have seen there are apps to install that lets you use flash player on older websites .

    I would love your thoughts .. money isn't an issue .. I am not an Apple guy , but I am even considering that as well .

    It was a great run having a 32 gig Touchpad for $149.00 for 4+ years ....


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    How about KitKat or Lollipop on your Touchpad?

    Dual boot and you have the lovely webOS but can boot to Android when webOS won't run your 'favorite' app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo8 View Post

    Thanks for all your replies , I am now seeing additional issues .. my PDF reader won't open and my Quick Office app won't open docs due to a missing plug in . I am also seeing encryption errors on my e-mail which is Yahoo .
    Yes, I'd be thinking about doctoring at this point. And you can dual or triple boot. LuneOS is on it's way.
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    I've noticed that Kindle Beta only runs well using the Uberkernel. Post doctoring, I find that it will crash after a page turn or two. Then I remember to install Govnah, reboot and select uberkernel, and it works fine again.
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