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    Hey guys, so im new to the hp touch pad and i loved it up till this issue. i got it at a yard sale after a long time wanting one for $20

    moving to the point, i put android ics on it the usual way with acme installer etc etc, today i wanted to put preware on my web os and my pc was being its usual stupid self and wouldn't open quick installer so i set it up on my laptop, i needed to install the novacom drivers and i did so through webos doctor, accidentally without thinking i clicked next and it began wiping my tab, there was nothing i could do but wait and obviously after it finished, it was back to plain web os, so i re did the android install and upon first boot i noticed all my android stuff was still there, however my sd card wouldn't mount or it mounted and unmounted, thought it was an android issue till i went back to web os and there too nothing will install and my sd card wont show up in file manager etc (btw im talking about the internal 32gb sd card storage)

    what can i do here? i don't mind totally wiping this thing back to stock and formatting all partitions etc as long as i get this working, but people on the web give me so many mixed answers and i just needed to ask the question for my specific problem

    anything i can do here or did i create a useless brick ?

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    Touchpad toolbox can be used to recreate webos volumes or delete all OS's (complete data reset) and install android and/or webos
    You need to run doctor to reload webos if you recreate webos volumes.

    [TOOLS] Touchpad Toolbox | HP TouchPad | XDA Forums
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    The Android install creates a partition (or just a folder - I don't know) in the TP's 32GB internal storage that the Android OS *sees* as an SD card (or external storage). It sounds like when you doctored the TP, the partition (or folder) was removed. There's probably a way to recreate and re-link the necessary partition or folder. I don't know exactly where to look but I'd start here: is probably and easy fix, once you figure it out.
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    Let me second the TP Toolbox recommendation. Just used it yesterday to wipe and upgrade mine to KitKat. Works great and much easier than the earlier methods for upgrading. Easy to also wipe WebOS too if you no longer use it and want all the space available for Android.

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