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    I was using my TouchPad this morning visiting some websites with the Advanced Browser. A window popped up saying that the certificate has questionable signature. I absentmindedly clicked the "not trusted" button and the browser stopped working afterwards. I believe that I really messed up my TouchPad:

    I can not restart my TouchPad. Most Apps won't start (for example, the Device Info, Preware etc) except a few games (like Angry Bird). I try to connect the TP to my computer (win7) and it is not recognized.

    I am computer illiterate but can follow the instruction well. I believe that I messed up the "root certificate" for the TP . Is there anyway to fix and revive it? Thank you.
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    Whatever is going on with your Touchpad was not caused by not trusting an SSL certificate in the browser. I can't remember the forced restart procedure, but it can be found with a quick Google search. A restart may not fix whatever is wrong, as it may be a symptom or something that will require running the webOS doctor to reinstall webOS.
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    Sounds like you need to restart it...

    Hold the Power button and Home (the button on front, below the screen, the one with the light on it) simultaneously.

    Power + Home... hold them for 15 to 30 seconds, until you see the HP logo.

    That's it
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    Just did it as instructed. Thank you Grabber, Preemptive and Remy X.

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