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    NEW: There will be a short extension period for cloud services support of webOS devices.

    As previously announced, cloud services support for webOS devices was to end on January 15, 2015. To assist customers in transitioning in new services, we have decided to extend the shutdown date by two months. The new end date is March 15, 2015

    We appreciate our customers’ loyalty to the webOS platform. But now, more than three (3) years after the last device was sold, only a small fraction of the devices are still connecting. Therefore, the time has come to shut down the services.

    All devices running webOS will continue to run after the cloud services are terminated. However, they will no longer be able to:

    •Download new apps or updates. The HP App Catalog will be unavailable after the shutdown
    •Backup or restore devices from the cloud
    •Setup new devices
    •Recover lost passwords
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    Hi rky1998,

    Yes there has been an extension. Please take a look at the thread already in progress on this extension:


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