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    I have a spare,brand new touchpad that has been in my desk for a few years.Is there anything I should do before the 15th?I use the touchpad to surf the web while on Wifi when I am on the road.I don't like it much,but it is adequate,I guess.Should I charge up and fire up the spare ASAP?....Then what?
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    If you wanted any additional free apps from the catalog, download now.
    If you have a copy of webOS doctor for it, you should be OK.

    If you use the Palm default accounts for calendar or contacts, open a Google account and upsync your contacts so you have a new backup somewhere in cloud.

    Put it in developer mode I guess too. Not critical. Nothing is that critical that we can't get you back on board with here.

    Read the Pivot CE articles to get caught up. Reading the threads here should ease your concerns.
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    To add to what TJ said above, i hope you've already used one of the IPK downloader apps to archive the apps you've bought and any free apps you like. There's also the "IPK no-delete" patch that you can use now on the spare Touchpad if you'll be downloading apps now and want to do the same thing
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    Thanks folks.Maybe if I give you a little background,you can guide me a bit.

    The two touchpads are the $99 wifi variety,back when they were pretty much giveaways.I'm on construction sites all day,and need a small pocket sized phone to slip in and out of pockets easily,not theses waffle-sized phones that seems to be the trend.I couple this with the touchpad to web-surf with wifi for work-related things,I am in areas that are usually covered with free public wifi.

    I don't keep contacts or personal info in it,I keep that on other devices.It is exclusively a web surfer,probably nothing more.I don't think I have ever loaded an app on it other than the native equipped.

    I have never had any feelings for the Palm OS.Never played with it.But this tablet as a web surfer has never been great and is getting worse.Some sites since day one have flat-out not worked on the touchpad,and the list gets longer everyday.I don't know if it is WebOS or the browser,but it seems that it is about half of the sites don't function properly,or not at all. I really don't want to spend much time fiddling with it and investing time.My tech ability is not that good,the only claims that I can make is that I have rooted the last 4 Android phones I have had,even that I consider painful.

    What is the best route to get this tablet to function as a decent web surfer for the long term? Should I consider going to Android? I don't want to be constantly fighting this device or watching its ability for the limited things I do with it go downhill further.

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