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    I'm posting this for anybody new who comes here looking for information, and to see if those among you who are smarter than I am with webOS (which is pretty much everybody!) have a solution to share with any new users who find this later.

    I've been having trouble with my TP 4G - random crashes, backup problems, and I couldn't get any of the app backup solutions to work. So, I opened up a TP 4G I had bought as a backup unit and hadn't needed. I figured I could install the NoDeleteIPK patch and save all my apps that way. Charged it up, bypassed activation, installed the patch, and ran through First Use to grab all my App Catalog IPKs. So far so good.

    When I loaded Preware, I couldn't see the feeds for the patches or the kernels, and the program count was lower. I noticed that the feed URLs all ended in "3.0.1" instead of "3.0.5" and thought there might be a problem with the feeds themselves. Before I asked that question, I thought to check the OS version on the "new" TP 4G, and lo and behold, it was 3.0.1. It had been in the box and never updated. I have the update downloading now.

    My question is: what do we do for anyone who buys a boxed TP or other webOS appliance? I'm assuming the OTA updates won't be available after the shutdown either. And there can't be too many boxed TPs of any flavor out there, but there are at least two TP 4Gs listed as new-in-box on eBay right now, and who knows how many WiFi TPs.

    Will the solution be a trip to the Doctor out of the box? Or is there another solution to place here for future reference? I thought I'd ask now, while everybody's getting ready for the shutdown.
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    Great point.

    I'll have to Doctor my TP with an old version of webOS and see if i can reverse-engineer and back-up the OTA updates. Thanks for the heads-up
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    Well, I had installed luneOS on the new TP to play around with it, and after the OTA the TP locked up completely. I'm guessing it's from the modifications to the /boot folder. I hadn't saved my IPKs to my computer yet. Now I get to do it all again. This has just not been my day for webOS stuff. Any suggestions?
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    Never mind. Fixed it and saved all my IPKs, and the update files, thanks to TPToolbox. Sent Remy X a PM about it.
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