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    With the closing of the HP Catalog, I gather there is no way to reinstall the Kindle App? Mine froze and when I went to deregister it, it shows as deregistered in the Amazon "Manage Your Devices" but is still listed as registered on the Touchpad. Trying to deresgister from the Touchpad leaves it spinning (it being the Kindle App, the TP still works). What I'd normally do in this case is uninstall and re-install the Kindle App but can no longer do this. Amazon Support said they do not have access to the app and they do not support it.
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    Thank you. I was able to download but the TP is hanging on installing (I am using Internalz Pro). Interestingly, when I tried to download other free apps from the HP Catalog I am told I need to free up space. But there is lots of free space, so this failure is turning into a bit of a puzzle.
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    You may need to free space in one of the other partitions that aren't the normal media partition. I had years worth of cookies and flash data and localStorage and other web crap clogging up one of my partitions, and it refused to install anything. Sadly, I don't really remember which directory it was, but if you do a "df" from a terminal on a TouchPad, try to clear up anything that is approaching full... :-S
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    0.12.50 was the latest one on qa. I downloaded it on 12.02.2014, I had no access to this app on ps servers
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