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    Quote Originally Posted by siobhanellis View Post
    Sorry I forgot to mention that I have the HP Touchpad 16GB WiFi only. The one when it first came out that cost $150 if I remember that price correctly.

    Will that link still work my TP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by siobhanellis View Post
    Thank you. I just checked your link and downloaded the very bottom link for the doctor for the tp. I opened it and I am ready to doctor. Too bad I have to charge my TP first!! So that's charging right now, and then the doctor will begin when it's charged. Thanks again.
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    Started looking for the webosdoctor downloadfiles after the 2. Reminder of HP. Had searched several forums, but never found a correct link. Alqays ended up at "the new palm" coming soon. Now i can start over new, to set up the Touchpad with webos before the servers shutting down. I erased the webos section the last time ive tried to upgrade the android part. But the battery issue hit the touchpad and its shutting down all the time. Now i can do a fresh start. Thank you siobhanellis fpr zhe link an voltageRock for asking the right question at the right moment.
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