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    I use occasionally the TouchPad of my sister. Is it normal that webpages don't load in the background when I open one by open in new card-way?

    I Do this all the time with my Pre3 and it's just great to switch to the already loaded page.

    Best Jörg
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    I guess it is possible that she has the Preware Patch: 'No Auto Refresh After Idle' installed on her Touchpad?

    That might prevent webpages from loading in the background, as you describe?

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    webOS 3.x browser had a bit of an odd design, in that the browser plugin wouldn't start loading a page unless the window was visible.. so you can switch to the window, then switch back, and it will load .. but it won't just go and load. i think there may have been a patch to fix that behavior .. but i think it was done as sort of a performance trick, to prevent the browser plugin from loading if people weren't looking at it.
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