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    I'm trying to fix a dead Touchpad, and webOSdoctor starts to load on my computer but then stops it says because of my security settings. I opened Internet options and lowered my security setting from medium-high to medium with no difference. I can't figure out how to get it lower than medium. Anybody have an idea what I need to do to change the security settings of my Window 7 PC to allow webOSdoctor to run on it?
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    Open up the Control Panel on your computer and go to the Java settings. Open that and look for the Security tab. Drop that slider down (you can move it back up later).

    I just went through this on my computer too and the way I got around it on my Windows 8.1 machine was to use Internet Explorer and add each site (HP and Palm) to the Compatibility View settings:

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    Probably has to do with the Java settings not the IE settings.

    Dig up the Java Control Panel and try the Security tab in there?
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