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    I want to use my TP as a home security camera center/controller. Obviously, the HP app catalog cannot support this, but Android can. Before I move to Android for access to an app, has anyone done this? Can you recommend an appropriate (good) app?

    My vision is to have a very nice multiple camera view on all the time while the TP is sitting in the charging stand. I would like to stream the recordings to a network shared hard disk. I want it to behave as close to a full stand alone camera system as possible.

    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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    It's probably likely that some camera systems actually have a web interface for doing this sort of thing. (there's also an Exhibition app that allows you to run specific web pages as Exhibition apps...)
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    personally... I use Blue Iris to run my cameras (PC App)
    Blue Iris has a web interface that you can use to control the cameras and that site does work on my touchpad
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    TinyCam Monitor Pro (android). I don't think there's an alternative (in Android) worth bothering with apart from that app which is very comprehensive in its functions and the cameras it supports. Very regularly updated too, about once a week or so.

    Recordings can be made to Dropbox, FTP account, or selectable SD card directory.
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