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    my hp touchpad can't settinp up it

    For te first time, I want to setting up my new touchpad so,
    I selected
    english > and
    united status > and
    setup wifi and choose one > (it was accepted )
    Apperar the "Terms and Conditions" screen
    then I got an error message
    "Server Error
    Please visit
    HP WebOS official website to help resolve this problem
    how i can resolve this problem
    Thanking you in advance
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    Is there a small error number at the bottom? PAMS #? Are you creating a Palm profile or logging into one you created previously?
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    Hi Ricardo,

    Your forum profile says you are in France. Could it be a problem with your IP address not matching the country you're selecting? Also, excuse me for saying this, but your post suggests English is not your first language.

    If you are a French speaker, you could try Le Forum, webosfrance.

    There are Spanish speakers on this thread:
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    Thanks folks for your quick replies.
    Hi Preemptive There is no issue with the french IP(s). For your information, Several days ago, I did the same process with another new HPTouchpad , It was successful.
    Now with this other new HPTouchpad (for my kid) , the problem appears. The touchpad arrived to be connected to WIFI but when it seems to try a connection to server, it does not work. And the message appears
    Hi Alan There is no small error number at the bottom? PAMS #?. The setting process did not ask yet to create or not a new palm profile. The process arrives only to “HP Term and Conditions” scree, the machine seem to try to connect somewhere then appears “Server error..”,

    Any idea how can resolve the issue? Keep in mind, Touchpad is new and It is the firt time the process to setting the WEBOS is initiated,
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    Would you have any help to share? I am still stuck.
    So far, what I understood is that I do not arrive to "screen” asking me to create a Palm profile.
    I also tried in English, in French in Spanish , I got the kind of error : Server error , Erreur de Serveur, Error del servidor…
    Thanking you in advance,...
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    What type of TP you have ? Is it prototype device.
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    I know you said a different Touchpad had no problems. Perhaps something is messed up for this device and your WiFi. Not sure why it could be but you might log into your router and verify that it's IP and/or MAC address isn't being blocked. I also wonder if you bought a used display model. Some of those TPs are floating around and didn't always get setup for access to the production servers. If that's the case the solution is a bit more complicated. Since your touchpad is new to you, you might wipe it clean with the latest doctor to ensure that the owner before you didn't screw something up with it. Another option is to bypass activation with devicetool.jar and verify the WiFi connects and works properly.
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    Thank you,
    lemanho -> It is a TP 32GB, it is not a prototype
    Alan -> Maybe I am wrong, but I cannot use WeboS Doctor yet, the TP is not yet configured.
    Regarding Another option, : bypass activation with devicetool.jar could you please elaboarte more, where I can get this devicetool.jar and how I can use it?


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