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    Why can't I find AIOSettings in the 'Preware' or 'WebOSQuickInstall' feeds? Any clues on where and how I can get hold of the ipk for it?
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    I think I remember that the developer stopped supporting it a while back and pulled it.

    The repository doesn't appear to be available anymore either. I think we're out of luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choorp View Post
    If someone does have the latest AIOSettings ipk, feel free to post it. I lost the source code too, so I can't make a new one.
    Is this a clone of your old repo?
    -Here's hoping!
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    Thanks 'Choorp'!
    Also, maybe try this 'zip' guys.. I had the same issue and thought that this great App was lost forever. But later I found it hiding in my 2nd TP and re-packaged it using Jason's excellent IPK Packager.. so it *should* unzip & install OK using WOSQI?
    Let me know if any glitches etc. anyway.

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