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    Jut got a 32 GB Hp Touchpad. I've installed a bunch of apps/patches and moved my music over to it. I want to install the latest Android (Kitkat) on it using Touchpad Toolbox, but will this wipe my WebOS installs and info? I would like to install Android and keep my WebOS as is. I haven't gotten a clear picture on this reading the guides. Can this be done, or do I have to reset my WebOS for Android to install properly?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I've never done this, so don't know the answer, but even if the process disrupts your webOS install, there are many ways to back up so you can easily restore your setup - I think both WOSQI & Preware will list installed patches (There is the Save/Restore option). Software manager will show installed catalogue apps. One's you paid for should be recorded in your Palm profile along with lots of other data. Obviously, any other services like email, contacts, calendar should resync. You can of course temporarily copy off the USB drive stuff. The only concern is that if you have a vast music collection, you might have filled all the memory and may have less space for it when you've installed Android. Most of what you need is in this link: The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device | webOS Nation

    But it may be that you can just resize the partition... Someone who knows will likely chip in soon! ;-) But backing up first is probably wise in any event.
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    By default, TP Touchpad will whack webOS, however, you can keep it if you're willing to work for it.

    Instructions (which I have not followed personally) in this thread: [ROM GUIDE]How to use the TouchPad Toolbox to install Android "The Super Easy Way" - HP Touchpad - RootzWiki

    You can apparently reinstall WebOS later, even if you ditch it now, but again, YMMV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsabo View Post
    By default, TP Touchpad will whack webOS, however, you can keep it if you're willing to work for it.
    That is incorrect. WebOS will only be wiped if you use the "Complete Data Reset" option within TP Toolbox.
    By default, webOS will be kept intact. Partitions on the touchpad will be resized however, shrinking the available space webOS has for photos, music, etc to what is currently in use (or min. 600mb). That can easily be undone using TP Toobox's 'resize' functionality however.

    I reset my Touchpad with completely fresh installs of webOS and Android recently (resetting webOS only because I wanted to - had never used the webOS doctor since getting the TP at the firesale) and it was straightforward and easy. I installed one of the 'DataMedia' roms (JCSullins 4.4 anything because it can 'see' both the partition Android uses aswell as what webOS uses for /media/internal/) and resized partitions right after installing Android (gave back webOS the large chunk of space that I don't need Android to have for apps anyway).

    Suggested reads: the official TP Toolbox thread and the 'how to' guide by RolandDeschain79 jsabo linked to in his post.
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    Bear in mind that by installing a data/media Android ROM with TPToolbox apps that use common media files (pictures, movies, mp3's etc) might need to appear on both Android and WebOS partitions, thus wasting a lot of storage space since WebOS cannot see the Android data partition. For this reason, IMHO, WebOS is pretty much useless to me.
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    That's the good side bad side of the new layout in Android. The good side, being that those files are now hidden from webOS. That's also the bad side. :-S
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    I have used Android on the Touchpad since CM7. The smoothest is the 4.4 version or CM11 or the latest AOSP. I like the AOSP. Now, have reverted to Schiziods CM10 4.2 (I think) so I can play Netflix. It is not as smooth and little buggy, but my 4 and 7 year old don't care unless they have their Thomas and Super Squad to watch. From what I have read you still need webOS on it to install Android.

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