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    Has anyone else had any issues getting the Doctor to fire up in Windows 8? Win 7 = no problem, but I want to doctor my TP and Win 8 refuses to fire up the Dr when I connect my device. Novacomm is on and running, but nada.
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    I never did get any of the Palm/WebOS software to work right on my Vista 64 machine, I never bothered trying it with my Windows 7 machines, but it does work with my old XP 32 machine.

    As there's been a lot of things that won't work right in a 64bit environment, I've kept an old machine at my desk at home that I boot up (and using a KVM) when needed.
    Palm M105 > M130 > Zire 71 > Zire 72 >TX > Lifedrive > Pre > Pre2 >Touchpad > Pre3(8GB) > Pre3 (16GB)
    I see a pattern...
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    Never an issue on my Win 8.1 x64 machine, but then again, I have both X86 and X64 versions of the Java Platform installed and my PATH configured properly.
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    Hmm... wonder what's borked here... <scratches head>
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Hmm... wonder what's borked here... <scratches head>
    Both runtimes installed? PATH set properly?
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    How do I check the PATH?

    I'm only running the 32bit version of Java because of this explanation from the Java site:

    Why do I only get the 32-bit Java when I go to provides a Java version based on your browser and operating system (OS). If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows 8, you have access to 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer 10 on your system. The desktop version of the Windows 8 OS does not run in a full 64-bit mode (unless you have Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 10 turned on), thus 32-bit Java is the default.
    I don't use IE anyhow, but do I need to turn on that mode and then redownload the x64 version?
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    We'll leave the path alone for now.

    Latest Java x86 Runtime
    Latest Java x64 Runtime

    Try updating/installing both of those and then re-trying the Doctor.

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