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    Hi guys! ... Yesterday i have canceled the partition that contains android (cyanogen) because i was not able to update.
    After several wipe, now i have a situation that webos system is back at factory default and asks me of create a account for start to use the device.
    The big problem is that i don't succeed establish a connect to internet, or better, accesses at my wifi network but responds that isn't possible connect to internet across the current connection.
    The my network wifi, work perfectly with all other device!

    I am desperate, at the moment my tablet is useless. Please help me! Thank so much!..
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    Just to troubleshoot where the problem lies: If you (temporarily!) set your wifi to unsecured, does that affect the behaviour?

    Remember to se the securety back to it's original state after you tested this, so you don't have to set the other divices up again.
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    Hi Misj, i have resolved with WebOs Doctor, in practice i have reinstalled the firmware, then the wifi connection has worked.

    Now, I thinking of install CWM 11, but it request the update of recovery. How i may do this?

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