Hi there

Hoping that someone can help me out. I have a HP Touchpad which was fully drained so have now had it on the charger (Touchstone) for 48 hours. It now boots up but when it goes to load into the OS it only displays 'HP webOS' in the top left hand corner and the battery symbol (Fully Charger) and the clock in the top right hand corner, nothing else. If I rotate the touchpad the icons move from landscape to portrait etc The volume buttons on the side are working. If I hard reset it just reboots into the same place with only those few things displayed. I can touch the screen and it shows where I have touched by showing the little dot ripple thing.

The issue is that there is nothing else on the screen so I cant do anything. I really want to load android onto this but because I cant get the connect to USB option to display on the screen I cant see it when I connect it to the PC. The PC definitely knows its there as when I plug it in it loaded the drivers for it but wont show it as a disk as you have to select USB mode on the tablet itself.

Last time I used this it was working on web OS fine the only thing that has happened is that it was fully drained and hasn't been used for a few months.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can see anyone else who is having this specific issue.