Hi all,

I use the following setup with my TP:
- Network on, 3G symbol present
- WiFi on and connected to a WiFi hotspot without sim, but an SD card shared as Samba drive.

working is:
- browsing the internet
- mounting the sd card with my mp3s on and listen to them using the stock player
- sending mails as far as I can tell

not working is:
- automatically receiving mails (pop or imap) does not work
- manual receiving does not work either.

If I switch off wifi, I immediately receive mails.

This is what Lumberjack shows me (slightly anomyzed)
[2014-03-31 15:58:13] (Email) connection status updated: {"isInternetConnectionAvailable":true,"wifi":{"state":"connected","ipAddress":"192.168.xxx.xx","inte rfaceName":"eth0","ssid":"sixteen","bssid":"00:26:37:XY:XY:XY","networkConfidenceLevel":"excellent", "onInternet":"no","isWakeOnWifiEnabled":true},"wan":{"state":"connected","ipAddress":"xx.xx.xx.xx"," interfaceName":"wwan0","network":"hsdpa","networkConfidenceLevel":"excellent","onInternet":"yes"},"v pn":{"state":"disconnected"},"bridge":{"state":"disconnected"}}, file:///media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.email/util/util.jsjsjs:$152$

Any idea how I can tell the mailprogram to ignore the wifi connection, because that seems to me to be the problem.