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    I'm trying to install some packages via ipkg, like Python, Nmap, and others. However, I'm unable to do so as the software appears to install to /opt which is 98% full according to df.

    Is there an easy way to expand this? Something I can do to free up some space?
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    Got it. /opt is a loopback mount, on my TP it's mounted as /dev/loop/0 which points to /media/cryptofs/optware.ext3 (as reported by losetup -a) and is 128MB in size. You cannot unmount /opt, and therefore you cannot remove /dev/loop0, so you'll have to work with the files live. Here's my resolution done in Xecutah X-Term:

    cd /media/cryptofs
    cp optware.ext3 optware.bak
    cp optware.bak
    dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=384 conv=notrunc >>
    mv optware.ext3

    Now restart the TP. Go back into x-term and check that a df -k /opt is 512MB (roughly, and depending upon your initial size; mine was 128MB, so after adding 384MB it's now 512MB.)

    Do some testing by running some of the utilities in /opt. Once satisfied all is well, rm optware.bak (or move it to another device just-in-case.)

    Hope that helps someone.

    Now I just need to find aircrack... anyone?
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