I was surprised and very pleased to finally see the Amazon Kindle app available for ACL. I figured my wife would have been thrilled as well but she did not want it after she saw how it worked on my device.

The following is for the webOS Kindle app.

1) Don't laugh, but we have roughly 45,000 books on our Touchpad

2) At around 18,300, the Kindle app stopped downloading the covers to the books. All we get now are generic brown covers with the title of the book on it. To say the least, this is not a visually appealing experience.

3) The bulk of the books went straight to the Amazon servers. Now, for some reason, they are going to the Amazon "Cloud".

4) There were certain books that were classified as unable to download to webOS due to publishers restrictions. These were usually books with lots of images.

5) This was the deal breaker for my wife. The webOS Kindle app allows for placing books into particular categories which we designate. Example, Cook Books, Science Fiction, History etc. We have the option to create our own categories and that is an excellent feature.

The following are Issues with the Kindle for ACL

1) It is only downloading books from "The Cloud". I see no option to download the first 30,000 or so books that were originally placed on the Amazon servers. Any way to get these books as well? I don't see the option in the menu section.

2) Thus far, all covers are showing up but I will not be able to verify that until I get all the books downloaded to the app.

3) Books that were not able to download to the webOS app are now downloading to the Kindle for ACL (finally)

4) The Kindle for ACL constantly freezes up and asks if I want to perform a "Forced Shutdown" or "Wait". At times, it simply shuts down on it's own. Actually, the shutdown happens with several programs.

5) The Kindle for ACL does not have the option to place books in any category whatsoever. My wife even asked me to consider getting her a Kindle Fire if it did two things 1) Allows all the covers to show 2) Allows to categorize books like the webOS version does. Is there a way to categorize books?

I would absolutely hate to have to buy a Kindle Fire just to get the two most wanted features that my wife and I want (showing all the covers and categorizing of books)

Any recommendations?