I have run across a problem with Box and Synergy and am wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar problem, with Box or with other Synergy-capable account information. I've tried searching the forum but can't find anything. I may not have all the right terms, either.

I am setting up a new TP Go. I have updated to 3.0.5 (though it doesn't show 3.0.5 in the System Info), registered and logged in to my webOS profile. When I go to Accounts, I can input my password for every service (Dropbox, Yahoo, MS Exchange, etc) except Box. When I put in my password, it tells me that my account credentials are incorrect.

I went to the Box site, logged in, and changed my password, to make sure I knew it was the right one. Went back to the Go and tried again, and I get the same error. I pulled out my TP 4G and tried to change my password for Box in Accounts and got the same message. I canceled the password change attempt, so my TP 4G still shows me logged in to Box.

I can log in to Box through the app and have done so successfully on the Go, but I still can't get my Box account to be recognized through Accounts. The fact that this happened on two different machines suggests that it's not just a problem with the Go.

Has anyone else noticed any problems logging into services through Accounts? This makes me nervous for any further acquisitions or setups for other people, if I can't get all of their accounts to sync.

I'll write Box this weekend, but this forum is full of more knowledgeable people than I. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.